I spent most of last week dealing with a jam packed week of conferences that I’ve been trying to attend both physically across the street from my office (Internet Summit 2014) and online (Visual Studio Connect()), and keeping tabs on the Rosetta mission putting the Philae lander on a comet. On top of all that, I found my laptop applied the next in a series of updates for the Windows 10 “fast” update train.

I’m a week late to the party in getting out the news of what has changed in the latest update, but it took some time to collect myself after all the excitement, and clean the grey matter off of fellow attendees at the conference.Continue reading

I’ve made my Windows 10 laptop pretty much my daily laptop for non-work related stuff and this morning when I woke it up from hibernation, it went into an install-like mode. You know, the one during the Windows 8 installation that waves through different colors and gives you little status updates center to the screen ala “Installing your new apps”.

The desktop loaded and saw the build number incremented from 9841 to 9860. There were a few noticeable changes without going too far.

  • The first piece up was the Notification center now showing in the system tray by the clock.


  • Then in the Start menu (under All Apps view), two new items:
    • Docking Controller  – Not to be confused with Docker containers. Launches, but is blank and puts itself into the background/minimized. No idea what it does. I imagine something to do with the fact it’s a laptop and I use a docking station.
    • zPC Settings – Looks similar to the normal PC Settings, except the file picker for lock screen images now works and it has an area of ‘pending or deprecated’ items.

There are evidently over 7000 changes to the code base according to Microsoft, but I’m hoping I’m missing some of the other things they changed and they aren’t just counting checkins.

If you weren’t aware, Microsoft used a portion of the Build 2014 conference back in April to showcase the upcoming changes for Windows 8.1 that would be coming this past August in Update 2. The update came and went underwhelmed as it didn’t add anything they said would be coming to fix the image of Windows 8. No returning start menu, and no dockable Metro applications.

It was already obvious by then that Microsoft decided to take the Vista route and just sell us another version instead of fixing the one we had all already bought. So at the beginning of this month, Microsoft took the wraps off the next version, named Windows 10 (supposedly for back-compat reasons) and released a technical preview for the world to chew on.Continue reading