There has been a lot of noise in the UNIX/Linux world recently when a presentation was made at the last Bay Area FreeBSD Users Group meetup where a couple of guys have patched the most recent FreeBSD release with a bunch of services like the Mach IPC, launchd, notifyd, asld, and libdispatch  that are heavily used by Apple and the Darwin kernel. This “science project” as they have called it is NextBSD – taking it’s name from the NeXT components that eventually became part of OS X and the Darwin kernel.

The video of the meeting is available here.

The goal as I’ve been able to understand at this point isn’t an entire fork of FreeBSD, but a parallel development that utilizes FreeBSD as it’s core – just changes to how it’s compiled, essentially how Fedora Core is well.. a core to RHEL/CentOS. Not only are there inclusions of components found in the Darwin kernel, but they also hope to incorporate pieces of HardendBSD as well for security reasons.

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