C# derived programming language inspired from Microsoft’s experimental Axum language.

At this point in time, this language should only be considered a toy language, used in academic or experimental environments only.

I’m currently in the research phase of the project, trying to determine what all I’ll need to implement the language. Obviously the grammar is first, but then there is the method by which Axum is compiled to MSIL. At the current moment, I hope to simply make Axum compile into C#, which will then get compiled to MSIL. Hopefully once the dust settles on the Roslyn project, maybe I can adopt the work from there to make Spek work more like a first class citizen to Visual Studio.

After you view some of the example(s) on the GitHub page (link below), you should feel that it doesn’t seem like it’s that far away from C#, which is by design. There are some concepts like domain, agent, and channel that may appear to be comparable to concepts in C# like namespace->domain, class->agent, and interface->channel, but it’s not that cut and dry. I’d like to go into these concepts at some point in more detail for my implementation of it, but it’s all pretty much laid out in the Axum Language Overview by Niklas Gustafsson.


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