This is one area of my website that should get updated fairly regularly. All of my code is hosted publicly on GitHub under my personal account and if I feel that these projects could be commercialized, the ownership of those repositories are moved to a business account. This other account is related to ElectricSky, which is my personal LLC entity which would handle the implementation, training, and customization efforts for the projects.


Named after a town just to the west of Asheville, North Carolina, this is my flagship project at the moment. It’s purpose is to help enterprise customers realize the breadth of information available through other existing infrastructure related systems to provide a single source of truth for both infrastructure and software assets. Its unique hierarchy mechanisms allow users to define their company’s own taxonomies instead of being locked into one defined by someone else, and allows consumers of the information to define different trees based on the user’s employment focus.


Roughly translated from Dutch for ‘bacon’, because who doesn’t love it? This is an educational exercise for myself to understand language design and construction by attempting to recreate an experimental Actor based language developed at Microsoft with some slight modifications to make the syntax easier for users migrating from the world of C# or Java.


Roughly translated from Dutch for ‘guide’, this is a project aimed at providing an online area for students, parents, and teachers to share in the educational process by making classroom resources and progress universally accessible to everyone required. I’m currently working through the goals and requirements for the idea and hope to begin once I am able to get further in Enka.