Cheat Sheet: .NET Framework Targeting

If you’ve ever had problems trying to target particular .NET frameworks, this cheat sheet put together by @bradwilson@onovotny, and myself a while ago might help. I’m not going to go into depth on about what PCLs are what targeting means with the new frameworks – I think Oren Novotny did a great job over on his blog with his articles…

Below is a static image of it at the time of this blog posting, or you can see the live version which will reflect updates shared here on OneDrive. I suggest opening it in the full fledged Excel as vertically rotated columns don’t render in the online version. If you see any updates that are needed, you can contact me on Twitter @William_Holroyd.


Update 9/2/2015:

Oren brought to my attention after posting this that the ‘dotnet’ target is currently a work-in-progress moreso than the other new targets and may change by the time it reaches RTM sometime next year. From what I understand, the targeting relies on your dependencies’ targeted frameworks to determine what it can run on. At this point, that means all of the frameworks that utilize the System.Runtime libraries which are marked already in the ‘dotnet’ column, but may shrink or expand in the future. As a suggestion, try to target the other frameworks first until ‘dotnet’ targeting is a bit more polished.