Windows 10 Technical Preview: Update 5 (Build 10049)

It appears the new mindset and process to release updated Windows 10 bits is already working. We’ve gone about two weeks since the last release and we have our next build already. Let’s hope the speed is steady from here out.

This build isn’t too big in the number of changes given the amount of time that has elapsed, but this build is one of the more important ones so far. In this release, was the inclusion of the new Project Spartan bits that is the all new ground-up web browser for modern web experiences. Unlike previously reported on, this browser has no IE 11 or lower back-compatibility at all. Originally the idea was to switch between the modern and legacy engines based on some data the browser had detected. This browser is modern-only, to put it entirely on par with Google Chrome.

If you are a developer using Visual Studio 2015 on the Windows 10 Technical Preview where you are using XAML you will want to skip this build.

If you have any reason to want to enable Hyper-V, do so prior to taking this build as you won’t be able to enable it afterwards. At least not until a future build.

As for what is in the update:

  • Project Spartan web browser is now included (details here)
  • Icon changes

Issues fixed in this build:

  • The Photos app on your PC crashes when you tap on the circular icon (your camera roll) at the top left to view the photo you just took.
  • You might end up in a state where windows open on your desktop are accidentally visible behind the Start Screen, Task View, Snap Assist, and when rearranging windows in Tablet Mode.
  • You will no longer get stuck when you manually lock your PC (Windows Key + L) during the initial out-of-box experience.

Issues introduced in this build:

  • After logging in, you may see a blue screen instead of your desktop. To work around this issue, lock your PC (with the hardware button or by pressing the Windows Key + L) and try logging in again. You can also try Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.
  • Indexing of new email in Outlook is not working, so search results will be limited to when the last index was built.
  • You cannot enable Hyper-V on this build. If you have Hyper-V already enabled and you upgrade to this build, Hyper-V will continue to work.
  • There are 2 issues using Visual Studio 2015 preview on this build:
    • The emulators will not boot and you won’t be able to deploy a Windows Universal app to the Mobile emulator.
    • The XAML designer in VS and Blend will crash when opened.
    • If you are a developer using these tools today to develop Windows Universal apps and need this functionality to work – we recommend switching to the Slow ring until we release a patch to fix these issues.