Office 2016 Touch preview for Windows 10 Technical Preview

We still haven’t seen the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones as we were promised from the January event. I don’t remember the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl being a stipulation to it’s release. However, Microsoft has gone ahead and released a preview of Office 2016 Touch which is a universal app version of the popular software. The idea behind a ‘universal app’ is that a developer can write a program once and publish it to multiple platforms on the Windows (and soon Xbox) stores.

At this point, the software is only available to those already running the Windows 10 Technical Preview and is currently limited to only the more popular parts of the suite: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. There has been some teasing that a OneNote version would also be available in this preview, but it seems to be missing from all of the marketing materials so far outside of just images of the software. The release of the whole suite is expected at the end of the year.

Office 2016 Touch Word Preview

Office 2016 Touch Excel Preview

Office 2016 Touch PowerPoint Preview