Raspberry Pi 2 supports Windows 10

Yeah, it was kind of a shock to me when I read it, but it makes sense. I mean, the Windows 8 RT targeted the ARM chipset, which is the same platform that the original Raspberry Pi models utilized. The limiting factor was that the revision of the ARM chipset that the original models employed didn’t meet the requirements for the Windows 8 kernel.

It appears the Raspberry Pi 2 has resolved this issue by utilizing the newer chipset, and given that IoT devices can get Windows 10 for free, this is good news for Raspberry Pi because it can now employ one of the largest operating system distributions on the planet. Yes, I know it’s not the same type of Windows since I can’t utilize the full .NET stack, but it’s still a great step forward.

I haven’t invested in the Raspberry Pi platform just yet, but if I can find a way to communicate with ZigBee and ZWave networks, I think I’ll give making my own home automation controller solution a shot. With it only costing $35, why not?